COVID-19 Protocol

We’ve implemented the following measures to keep you and our staff as safe as possible.

GERMICIDAL HVAC UV AIR STERILIZER AND PURIFIER – We have mobile units to provide intermittent air sterilization for your protection as it destroys 99.9% of airborne viruses and bacteria. at night, the systems will stay on to disinfect the entire area again.

ROOM SANITATION – We will continue to use disposable liners for all treatment tables with no linens. The entire treatment area, including furniture, door handles will be sterilized between each patient and germicidal agents as recommended by CDC.

TRAINING – Our team is trained to utilize personal protection equipment properly, and to follow the new safety and sanitation policies. These practices may change as new guidelines and suggestions evolve in Massachusetts.

APPOINTMENT BUFFERS – All appointments will be book-ended with additional time allowing us to provide ONE ON ONE service and proper disinfection between appointments. Appointments will be shortened.

ESSENTIAL WORKERS ONLY – Only one or two staff will be performing treatments. Each of us will be assigned to one room only to ensure compliance with the social distancing and to allow for proper disinfection of each room between customers.


  1. Your face mask is required, please bring your own.
  2. We’re required to perform COVID-19 screening at the door. If you do not have symptoms, or believe you were in contact with someone who has symptoms within the last two weeks, we will ask you kindly to reschedule your appointment if necessary. Temperatures over 99.6 threshold.  You will be asked to fill  out a questionnaire which will be placed into your medical record.
  3. We ask you to arrive on time, call into the office to let us know you are outside, and wait for a text/call to inform you that it is time for you to come in. It will allow us one-on-one service and will minimize your exposure to others.
  4. Please discuss pre treatment anesthetics with staff before you schedule your appointment, as this may change the timing of your appointments.
  5. Please arrive alone. No friends, relatives or children will be allowed to accompany you during phase one of reopening.
  6. Please remove all makeup at home – it will minimize the time of contact and will reduce the potential of exposure.
  7. For hair removal services, EXCEPT on face, please shave areas to be lasered for women. For men, please shave area to be treated.
  8. Only services that do no require your facial mask removal will be permitted during phase one (see list below).

Botox/Dysport for the upper face, laser treatments for the neck, chest, back and body, EmSculpt and EmSella, EndyMed treatments can be done. Facials will not be done for the first two weeks in business, nor will injection for dermal fillers.

  1. Please bring one valid form of payment, cash, checks, or credit cards and keep all other personal items at home (cell phone, purse, etc.) We must limit bringing in large bags, purses, etc.
  2. We have removed all marketing materials form the waiting area, but if you wish to get a brochure on any treatment, we will provide you with one.
  3. We’re required to discontinue all refreshments. Water will be available upon request.

We’re looking forward to seeing you. Thank you for your patience and your incredible loyalty. We will get through this.