Vascular Treatments

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Vascular Treatments

Conditions that can be treated are scars, stretch marks, warts, rosacea, port wine stain, psoriasis, excema and poikiloderma of civatte.

Vein Treatment is done for permanent removal of spider veins or broken blood vessels, small red spots, port wine stains, warts, surgical scars and stretch marks, also for removal of under eye circles or wrinkles around the eyes. We use both the Vbeam, EndyMed and the GentleYAG for these treatments.

We also provide sclerotherapy for vascular issues in the lower legs. You will be screened to determine if either sclerotherapy (injection into the veins with saline and an anesthetic) is more appropriate than laser treatments, or if you need to seek the advice of a vascular surgeon.

Acne Treatments for active acne and acne scars is achieved by using a variety of approaches, utilizing the DermaSound™ facial, (using an ultrasound device) skin/chemical peels, specific skin products, the Vbeam, IPL and the Smoothbeam.

EndyMed Radio Frequency device

This device applies large amounts of heat safely to the dermal layers of the skin to encourage collagen production and subsequent skin tightening and smoothing.  The device will also do a semi-ablative skin resurfacing which can further improve skin laxity, acne scars and other skin imperfections. Fractional Skin Resurfacing and microneedling can also be done.