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  • Under the supervision of board certified plastic surgeon Richard Peinert, MD; the staff at Laser Skin Care Solutions has the experience you can trust, state of the art lasers and skin care products, and a special interest in keeping abreast of the latest technology. We provide effective skin care programs for use at home. We are proud of our profession and the results we achieve.

Laser therapy is a safe, effective and commonly used treatment, providing optimal results in areas such as the removal of unwanted hair, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, leg veins, tattoos and the treatment of acne.

Lasers work by delivering an intense beam of light that is absorbed by the skin. This light is converted to heat and is absorbed by the cells being targeted while leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected. Our lasers feature a patented skin-cooling device called the Dynamic Cooling Device for greater patient comfort and safety – and better results.

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