Treatment Instructions

Pre-Laser for Hair Removal

Please do not wax or tweeze the hair for 3-4 weeks prior to treatment. The hair root is the target for the laser energy; therefore it must be intact in order to treat it.

Please stop tanning or using self-tanning lotions immediately. A fresh tan can interfere with the effectiveness of the treatment and can possibly cause complications. Tell us if you have tanned recently. Shaving before you come in allows you to shape the exact area you want treated; this is sometimes very useful in areas such as the hairline, sideburns and in the bikini area.

Excess hair above the surface of the skin absorbs and wastes laser energy, and reduces the amount of energy that reaches the hair root where it is really needed. Excess hair above the surface of the skin may also increase the chance of burning or irritating the skin.

Because we care about your comfort, a quick-acting topical anesthesia may be applied during your treatment, or we may use ice packs to chill the treatment sites.

Post-Laser Treatment Care

Do not sit for long periods in a hot tub or hot bath the day of the treatment, or spend prolonged times exposed to excessive heat.

Do not tan or use tanning creams between treatments. If you must be in the sun, it is important that you use a sunblock of 30 SPF or higher and apply it frequently if you are swimming or perspiring.

Using a sunblock with micronized titanium dioxide or zinc oxide is key. You may purchase a product from our stock which will work with your skin.

Hair will be released from hair follicles in the treated area for a week or two after treatment. You do not need to do anything, but you may gently exfoliate or shave the areas if you wish.

Please call us at 781-455-6250 if you have any other problems or questions before treatment.

Additional Information for Any Laser Treatment

No matter what the season, we ask you to apply sunblock over the treated areas to prevent any additional sun exposure.

For vascular treatments, avoid being in hot baths or hot tubs for 3 days, especially if leg vessels are treated. Try to do any exercising prior to coming in for the treatment and avoid exercising for a few days later, especially if occurred on the lower extremities.

Each treatment will have its own set of instructions, so you will receive more information each time you come. You will be instructed before and after each session as to what to expect.

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