Facial Services

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Facial Services

Chemical Peels are done for any type of skin and can be from very mild to more aggressive based on the client’s preference and the skin condition to be treated. Depending on the products used, there may be a period of pre-treatment for a week or two prior to the peel. In most cases, a pre-treatment may not be required. Peels work well as a series vs. a singular treatment.

DermaSound™ Ultrasound provides a cutting edge skin care system that uses low frequency sound waves to provide superior exfoliation and intensifies the peeling action of chemical solutions. The key is to peel and nourish the skin, to penetrate products deeply into the skin, and to provide for stimulation of skin cells to boost reproduction of healthy cells. Microneedling is used to gently place minute holes in the skin to generate collagens. It can be used by itself or in combination with partial platelets, IPL or



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