New advances in scientific research have resulted in laser technology which has become very effective and affordable for the consumer. Laser Skin Care Solutions offers methods of treating many skin conditions which up until now have required more invasive treatments, or which have been impossible to treat. We provide a full range of cosmetic laser and skin care services and specialize in acne treatments and antiaging therapies.

Homepage PicAs a way of introduction, our web site is designed to tell you about who we are, and what kind of care you can expect. Just follow our links to learn more about what’s new, including special offers, our services, contact information and directions, photographs of treatments and information on each procedure.

Dorothy C. Mitchell, RN, MSN, MBA has extensive experience in the laser and skin care field. Prior to opening Laser Skin Care Solutions in Needham, MA in 2002, she was the Director of Clinical Education at Candela Laser Company, an international laser manufacturer.She began using lasers in 1996 at Candela. In that position, she trained hundreds of physicians and their staff on the use of lasers. Based on her experience, she has learned firsthand what treatment methods are truly effective and which provide lasting satisfaction.She continues to train physicians and their staff on the safe use of lasers.

Under the supervision of Dax Guenther, MD board certified plastic surgeon, the staff at Laser Skin Care Solutions has experience you can trust, state of the art lasers and skin care products, and a special interest in keeping abreast of the latest technology. We provide effective skin care programs for use at home. We are proud of our profession and the results we achieve.

We look forward to meeting you and providing you with the highest quality of care. Gift certificates are always available for you or your friends and family. Should you have questions, please feel free to communicate with us via email or phone.

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